All we take out of any interaction
is an Experience,
we make it memorable using

Our Ideology
We all have seen people smiling after breaking bones while playing game and they play again with same spirit, contrary a 5 minute clerical job can easily make the same guy unhappy. For many it is obvious but we are always curious to divulge reasons which make people happy and motivate them to take action, we believe any business process, user interface, or task can be made interesting and engaging by embedding gaming elements following human centric approach. In digital space generating impression and bringing traffic to webpage through paid campaigns is quite easy and simple, however as an experts of digital marketing we have observed businesses and agencies are facing challenges in taking these page hits to next level due to low engagement of potential users. We conceptualise campaigns differently, we do not set targets on like, follows, hits, or impressions. We put our best to make visit of users a relishing experience which can provoke them to spread positive word-of-mouth.
Are you ready to play?
We do not use traditional premix for digital marketing strategy, we form a customized plan which is unique for each client based on expectations, target group, and customer behavior to achieve set goals in defined timeline.
It is in our culture to be super active on each account, our average response time on client’s mail is less than 5 minutes. After understanding client’s expectation it is our responsibility to share innovative ideas for improving performance of digital marketing campaigns which include SEO, SMO, SEM.
The one and only parameter that defines success in digital world is engagement, we trying to redefine this by implementing gamification in existing digital scenario. We design responsive web elements seeking response of users not only devices.
In today’s scenario everyone has his own digital world, becoming part of it is really difficult for businesses and traditional online marketing agencies. We make it possible by tailoring various parameters till fundamental level.
What We Do
We do not set targets on like, follows, hits, or impressions. We put our best to make visit of users a relishing experience which can provoke them to spread positive word-of-mouth.

We believe most important ingredient in success of any business is approach, business tools & technologies can help to reach out new users and to understand their behaviour.
Digital Marketing

Rapidly evolving online marketing has been changing entire marketing landscape. We have passionate experts who are actively involved in marketing for years.
Content Development

We help businesses exhibit their products & services, establish communication with their audience and tell their story through engaging and interesting content.
Research and analysis

Inextricably linked activities research and analysis are important for any business plan, expansion plan, growth forecasting, and other crucial decisions of any business.

Acceptability of Gamification in Young India

  • Gamification is not a new term these days, every person across the globe is impacted by this gaming concept that dramatically changes the non-gaming activities in an astounding positive way. With the advent of technology, the world is become so miniscule that developing countries are testing this concept in parallel with developed countries.
  • Keeping this advancement in mind, Adeology Consulting conducted a survey to understand how youth of India respond to Gamification and what their gaming behavioural traits are... read more

Involvement of Gamification in real world and its tangible impact

  • Since inception gamification is gaining meteoric popularity but questioning its utility is strong and evident other side. Most of researchers seem it like“fuzz” without any ability to make a real impact in the real world
  • The behavioural change is a gradual process which cannot be done without engaging and interacting... read more

Life of a social media post

  • In last five years i observed that digital marketing agencies following one common approach for all different social media handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Linedin, Google+. And surprisingly for some agencies social media is only Facebook. Their failure of understanding client’s content requirements and effete to utilize it effectively influenced businesses to form in-house team for content and social media management.
  • The most prominent feature for utilizing social media platforms is creating Post. Thus understanding life cycle of social media post is important for Social Media Managers and for the professionals handling SMO for firms... read more
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